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Fermon Knox, 78. A pioneering civil rights leader who crusaded against segregated schools, housing and employment. Twice nominated to the Kentucky Commission on Human Rights’ Hall of Fa me. He also was executive director of the Emmanuel Center in Cincinnati. Oct. 23. Cliff Lash, 88. WLWT’s (Channel 5) music director and orchestra leader from 194 9-78. The man who made the music on Ruth Lyons ”50-50” Club. Sept. 3. Dixie Lee, 84. Northern Kentucky’s most celebrated hostess and the first woman to run for Congress in Kentucky, Mrs. Lee mixed the politically connected, the glamorous, the socially energized and those who aspired to power with stunning arrays of food at her Fort Mitchell home. Aug. 5.

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Carol Lindemann, 36. First woman vice president of the Cincinnati Stock Exchange. Jan. 29. Liore Maccarone, 81. Director of Hamilton County’s Emergency Management Council for three decades. July 15. Margaret ”Peggy” Pogue Macneale, 86. Daffodil experts and the first director of the Civic Garden Center of Cincinnati. April 14. Michael Mastruserio, 69. Longtime Cheviot City Council member, June 27. Stan Matlock, 78. Ruled Cincinnati air waves for more than two decades. His WKRC- AM morning radio show ”Magazine of the Air” would at times command a 50 percent share of the audience during much of the ’50s and ’60s. Sept. 16.

Margaret Horton Morris, 93. Co-founded the first Girl Scout troop in the area in the early 1940s. Aug. 17. Robert Mulligan, 84. Former Xavier University president. June 14. Monsignor John Murphy, 78. During 20 years at the helm of Thomas More College in Crestview Hills, Rev. Murphy transformed the former all-female college into a co-educational institution a nd coordinated construction of the current campus and the move there in 1968. Aug. 1. Mary Newton, 77. A Beverly Hills Supper Club waitress who, in 1977, braved the smoke, fire and confusion to lead many people out of the nightclub to safety. Aug. 26. James C. Paradise, 95. The organizer and first president of Cincinnati’s chapte r of the American Civil Liberties Union. March 10. Ray Price, 80. Former Erlanger mayor. Nov. 16. Frank Purdy, 87. Founded the University of Cincinnati radio station, WGUC. July 16.

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”We will continue, we will be steadfast, we will be unmoveable until we see significant change,” said the Rev. Stephen Scott, of the Coalition for a Just Cincinnati.”It’s time now this city takes a good look at itself,” he added. ”Until it does, boycott will be the middle name of the Queen City.”

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Boycott supporters said a race relations panel appointed by Luken was trying to shift the focus away from what they termed systemic, institutional problems with racism in the police department and local government, instead emphasizing individual attitudes about race among black and white residents.For example, boycotters criticized city officials for not disciplining officers involved in controversial shootings of black men and for ignoring a police slowdown last summer that led to a rash of shootings in Over-the-Rhine.

A public forum to discuss the boycott’s goals will be held Thursday night at New Prospect Baptist Church in Over-the-Rhine.When today’s meeting was announced, Luken said it wasn’t a reversal of his stance last week, when he stated he wouldn’t negotiate with boycotters: ”I make a distinction between meeting with people and negotiating demands.”

Two weeks ago, the Progressive National Baptist Convention said it would bring its annual meeting to Cincinnati despite the boycott if city officials met several requirements, including Luken conducting ”unconditional negotiations” with a broad spectrum of black leaders.Progressive Baptist leaders and others said Luken agreed during a private meeting, which the mayor later disputed. As a result, the Baptist group is reconsidering its decision to keep the event in Cincinnati.

The August event, which is this year’s largest scheduled convention at the city-owned facility, is expected to bring up to 14,000 people to Cincinnati and add about $8 million to the local economy.In the past month, actor- comedian Bill Cosby and singer Smokey Robinson canceled local performances to honor the boycott.

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But on Feb. 27, a day before the check was supposed to become valid, Jeff Erpenbeck called back and said there wasn’t enough money to cover the check just yet and asked for more time. The units of movement dilapidation is one of a few systems for real estate deprecation. Morris ran out of patience on April 19 and deposited the check. It bounced, and he then went to county officials to press charges.

Morris said he trusted Bill Erpenbeck when he said 32 property closings were imminent at the Chestnut Park development just west of Cincinnati, and that the closings would generate enough cash to cover the check.

“You have to trust somebody somewhere,” Morris said. “I was foolish because I believed what he told me,” he told the court. The units of action technique for deprecation is one of a kind in that a plant resource’s helpful life is communicated in the aggregate units that are required to be created or the benefit’s aggregate movement amid its life. Erpenbeck, who listed his Edgewood home as his place of residence, appeared in court wearing a dark suit and tie, and remained quiet throughout the hearing. He left the courtroom without comment.

The class-action lawsuit designed to free more than 200 homeowners from liens placed on their homes by Erpenbeck lenders may not be resolved without another audit of Peoples Bank of Northern Kentucky.

Peoples Bank hopes to convince Boone Circuit Judge Jay Bamberger the audit would be redundant, time-consuming and costly. Alternate routines for Property Deprecation Express the plant resource’s helpful life in years and will distribute the plant resource’s expense focused around the insignificant section of those years. Under these techniques fractional years are important.

By the bank’s count, $16.8 million in liens exist on Erpenbeck homes purchased through mortgages due to payoff checks being misdirected into an Erpenbeck Co. account at Peoples Bank.

Attorneys for the homeowners represented in the class-action lawsuit want to hire Deloitte & Touche to audit Peoples Bank’s books to ensure that more money isn’t owed to more homeowners.

Stan Chesley, who represents homeowners, doesn’t want to sign off on the agreement before he’s satisfied the bank’s numbers are correct. The benefit’s expense is then assigned to the bookkeeping periods focused around the plant resource’s use, units delivered, action, and so on. A long time and halfway years are not significant when utilizing this deprecation method.

“I’m not buying a Hong Kong watch. I want to have my own accountants check these numbers,” he said.

Beverly Storm, an attorney representing Peoples Bank, said the bank’s records have been exhaustively audited by federal and state investigators and auditors. Another audit is unnecessary, she said.